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Google Chrome might soon introduce a way to restore all tabs from a group with one single click. The feature has been spotted on Google Chrome Canary by a Reddit user and was first reported by XDA Developer. Reddit user u/Leopeva64 spotted that with one single click, all the tabs in a specific group can be restored in Chrome Canary. On the other hand, currently in Chrome Stable, if users want to open a closed group, they would have to click on the tabs individually.

The Reddit user demonstrated the presence of this feature in Chrome Canary. It is equivalent to reopening tabs in Chrome Stable. To access the feature, users would need to close the group by right-clicking on it. When the tabs are closed as a group, they can be restored with the help of this feature.

Google Chrome Canary is an experimental version of Chrome Stable. It has been built for developers and most of the features are first tested and developed on Canary. On the other hand, Google Chrome Stable is the finished version which most of the people use for daily internet surfing. The stable version is more reliable and has permanent features that are introduced after testing.

By downloading Google Chrome Canary, users can access this feature, however, as it is the experimental version, it is not recommended to people who are using the browser for regular surfing.

Google had introduced the tab grouping feature in the Stable version in May last year. However, reopening each tab one by one was troublesome for users. If this new feature gets introduced in Chrome Stable, it will improve the experience of using tab grouping.

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